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08 Jun
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Gateway to Summer AERIAL RETREAT (🇭🇷) | 06 / 24

Embark on a transformative journey at the Gateway to Summer Aerial Retreat in Croatia (🇭🇷) from June 8 to June 15. Dive into Aerial Silks, Aerial Yoga, Micromovement Yoga, and more with Dana Auguštin.


Aerial Silks program – is composed of the following segments:

  • Aerial warming up & aerial conditioning techniques;
  • How to warm up properly with the use of aerial silks and develop more strength; 
  • Variations of climbing techniques;
  • Ways of climbing composed of a combination of more elements/figures;
  • Free or no key drops;
  • Falls with little or no wrap;
  • Sequencing;
  • Little choreographic units.

Aerial Yoga program – is designed to increase the activation and provide a different, »aerial« approach to Yoga postures. Working with the ground as well as off the ground it explores various Asanas, transitions and flows with the aim of adding a new perspective and different activation to the already known positions.


Micromovement Yoga program – based on the basic Yoga postures this type of Yoga uses little movements to deepen the activation and increase the stretch. One of the qualities of Micromovement Yoga is that the movement almost never stops as well as the use of little »tricks« in order to achieve better and faster effect.

Flexibility, balance & strength program – focused on inverted postures it explores preparatory movements that reinforce and prepare the body for better and more stable execution of inverted positions, such as handstand, scorpion, headstand and their variations.

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