23 Mar
- 24 Mar

Aerial Silks & Aerial Workout Workshop (🇮🇹) 03/2024

Join Us at another great workshop this time in Brescia, Italy. 3rd weekend in March 2024.

The program of Aerial Silks & Aerial Workout Workshop is composed of:

Warming up (on aerial silks and the ground) – Aerial Workout program - how to prepare and reinforce your body for aerial movements and warm up specific groups of muscles needed for the figures that we will learn in the Aerial Silks program

In the Aerial Silks program the following elements will be explored (the program will be adapted to the level of the group):

  • Hip in/out, variations of scorpion
  • Hip movement  - hip lock, meat hook, helicopter and variations
  • Back balance, front balance and variations
  • C shape, roll down, roll up and variations 
  • Back flag, flag and variations
  • Open drops (with no keys) from these elements
  • Sequencing – meaning the connection of learned elements into short choreographic sequences

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