19 Oct
- 20 Oct

Aerial Silks & Aerial Workout workshop (🇮🇪) 10/24

Want to learn the art of aerial silks? Our 2-day workshop in October will equip you with the basics of strength, technique, and movement to take flight!

You are cordially invited to attend an Aerial Silks & Aerial Workout Workshop, scheduled to take place over a span of 2 days during the third weekend of October.

This workshop will encompass the following program:

  • Commencing with a warm-up session on aerial silks, focusing on preparing and strengthening the body for aerial movements and targeting specific muscle groups required for such maneuvers.
  • Acquiring proficiency in various techniques, including balancing positions, C shape, meat hook, roll up, free drops (without the use of keys), diverse climbing methods, and transitions.
  • Sequencing, involving the amalgamation of learned elements into concise choreographic sequences.

The workshop will specifically address the following aspects:

  • Inversions: Preparation for a range of inverted movements and positions, encompassing static and dynamic variations, as well as open drops (without the use of keys).
  • Hip movement: Conditioning exercises and preparations for executing hip movements, utilizing techniques such as hip lock, meat hook, helicopter, roll down, roll up, and their respective variations, along with drops stemming from these bases.
  • Balance: Preparing the body for a variety of balancing positions and movements, including splits, back balance, and flag variations, alongside sequencing and variations of drops involving these elements.

This program is tailored to suit intermediate and advanced students. For further details and the application process, kindly visit:


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