28 Jul
- 28 Jul

Back flag, meat hook and free drops (🇦🇹) 07/2024

Join me at one-day workshop in Vienna, Austria's capital. Only on 28th of July 2024.

Back flag, meat hook and free drops

The Aerial Workshop is composed of two parts – The Aerial Workout program and the Aerial Silks program.

• Aerial Workout program – consists of warming up (on aerial silks and on the ground) – that prepares and reinforces the body for aerial movement and warms up specific group of muscles that are being activated in the Aerial Silks program

• In the Aerial Silks program the following elements will be explored:

• Back flag, flag and variations

• Hip movement - hip lock, helicopter move and variations

• Meat hook, front balance and connections

• Open drops (with no keys) from these elements

• Sequencing – connection of learned elements into short choreographic sequences

LEVEL REQUIREMENTS: hip key (straight legs), inversions, front balance, one hand grip or L grip


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