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Regular classes Ljubljana 2024

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Regular classes offered Mondays & Tuesdays. Flexible schedule, join anytime!

Join us in top trainings that activate the whole bodyAerial Silks and Aerial Workout regular classes in Ljubljana!

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The programs are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced movers! 

They take place on Mondays and Tuesdays in Ljubljana, namely:

Unleash Your Inner Aerialist!

In this program, I'll guide you through a variety of warming-up techniques specifically designed for aerial silks, ensuring you're prepared for every move.

We'll delve into a diverse range of climbing techniques, turns, inversions, and controlled falls. As you master these skills, we'll gradually connect them into beautiful, short choreographic sequences.

This unique way of moving engages your entire body, sculpting it and enhancing your spatial awareness and coordination.

Ready to elevate your physique?


Monthly payment (consists of 4 weeks of classes, counted from the date of the first attendance & payment):

  • Aerial Silks & Workout class (4 x 1h15m) = 75€ (choosing to attend or Monday or Tuesday classes, no possibility of switching)
  • Aerial Silks & Workout class (8 x 1h15m) = 140€
  • Micromovement Yoga (4 x 45min) = 55€


  • Aerial Silks & Workout class (4 x 1h 15min) + Micromovement Yoga (4 x 45min) = 120€ (*choosing to attend or Monday or Tuesday Aerial Silks classes, no possibilities of switching)
  • Aerial Silks & Workout class (8 x 1h 15min per week) + Micromovement Yoga (4 x 45min per week) = 180€

A single class

  • Micromovement Yoga class (45min) = 20€
  • Aerial Silks & Workout class (1h 15min) = 25€
  • Micromovement Yoga + Aerial Silks & Workout class (2h) = 35€

The programs are led by Dana Auguštin, a graduate of the renowned circus academy Center National des Arts du Cirque in France. Dana is a certified aerial silks teacher, certified Hatha Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and Face yoga teacher. She has been engaged in teaching as well as performative work since 2002.

She teaches and performs in Slovenia and abroad.


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